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I have tried almost every product in the GiaV line. Once I tried them I didn’t want anything else for my skin. The body butter is fantastic, my legs and arms are so soft now. I got my sister hooked on it too. The day and night creams and eye creams are wonderful and feel so fresh. The charcoal scrub mask took away imperfections and the soaps are heavenly. I definitely recommend this product for lovely soft skin

Shari J

5 stars on all the products I get from you. I have people tell my how my face is bright and fresh! only because of what I get to use from Gia V!!!


When You hear you have a great complexion , you know you are using the right products… I am now a proud GiaV girl…

I’ve use the whole product line right down to the bars of soap! A must try!

I love knowing that the line is truly Pure and Natural and I can see a difference.

Ruth T.

This is a product I’ve been looking for a long time.
I mean I started out as a Teen in the 60’s , I was a Noxzema girl!!!
Yes , I put grease ,smelly grease on my face….Went thought a draw full of Other products
that said they were good for you ….
But for the last few years I I’ve been a GiaV girl…
I’ve use everything and I can say I like it all, right down to the bar soap, (a must to try)
I love that it is Pure and Natural products and I can see a difference
Our Face is what people see first , that is your calling card !
When You hear you have a great complexion , you know you are using a the right product……

R Reed

Oh my goodness… I absolutely love GiaV! Besides the exceptional customer service you receive, the products are AMAZING. About 6 years ago I began making changes to reduce toxic chemicals in my home and on my body. I was thrilled when I tried GiaV, it’s the perfect fit for my body care needs. I can’t choose just one favorite product so here are a few I hope you’ll try: the moisturizing cranberry clay, nourishing body butter, refreshing body soaps & hydrating lip balm. Thank you GiaV for creating skin care I can trust!

Mindy Sue

How do you choose a product that is right for you? How do you choose a product that is clean, pure and natural? There are so many products that have ingredients that are hard to pronounce… much less spell! You have no idea if they are good or bad! I needed something that I felt comfortable using, and be able to tell others about. I have been using this product the minute Sarah had me try it! She walked me through it, she does her research so I don’t have too! My skin is so much happier knowing that I am treating it right! I also love love love how easy it is to order what product I am running out of, no complicated names #10, #56 and throw in a #2 please! Its that simple! You get an amazing product with ample supply for the perfect price! It’s a WIN WIN!


So thankful to have been introduced to GiaV skincare! Choosing the right products for your skin can be daunting, especially if you are
trying your best to keep it safe without all the added harmful chemicals. Not only is this line safe and pure…it is luxurious and
affordable. If you aren’t sure what products you should start with…I recommend calling and talking over the different options that would
be best for you. I love these products so much that I have referred family, friends and clients to Sarah!

Mindy Baker

No 34 Rescue Me is our go to for every topical first aid need. Diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, blisters, and sunburn to name
a few. We use no other ointments or topical antibiotics.
My 19 year old daughter also uses No 34 Rescue Me as a nightly moisturizer. She loves the way it makes her face feel, and has reduce
blemishes. She also uses it when her lips are dry.
My 15 year old son has nodulocystic acne on his face. Each night, he washes his face with just water, and applies his No 34 Rescue
Me. By morning, his blemishes are reduced in size, redness and are less painful. Within a few days of daily usage, his face clearer and
less irritated.
Our family loves this product. It is referred to at my house as “the pot of gold.” We keep it in the bathroom, the first aid kit, and I
even carry a small container in my purse. This is the one product I would not want to be without.

Kathy Fencl